Thirrje për Aplikim për masën afatshkurtër të trajnimit për “METALPUNUES”

Poziv za Aplikaciju za meru kratkoročne obuke za “METALOPRERAÐIVAČ”

Vocational Education and Training

This project component aims to improve the quality of initial and further professional education and training for young people. It also contributes to the quality improvement by a stronger orientation of the vocational programmes towards the needs of the labor market. Stronger focus on work-based learning and other good practice from cooperative training systems (“dual elements”) will be piloted together with education and training institutions and the private sector.

A close and continuous coordination and practical cooperation between public and private education and training institutions and private-sector actors (public-private dialogue) is essential. Cooperation agreements between vocational education institutions and the private sector will be agreed upon by implementing various activities foreseen from the YES project. For this purpose, the project facilitates and supports networks of actors, especially at the municipal level.

The following are some of the main activities, which YES is undertaking in support of the VET system on central and local levels:

  1. Survey to identify and select YES pilot VET schools, occupational profiles and pilot locations for capacity development measures;
  2. Support to the further development of selected occupational standards and profiles;
  3. Capacity development for VET school professional practice teachers in relation to the revised core curriculum;
  4. Technical Assistance for improvement of collaboration of different learning venues – between VET schools, training companies, and VTCs – to strengthen cooperative vocational education and training approaches;
  5. Technical Assistance in the revision of the VET financing formula () for selected occupational profiles;
  6. Development of a Kosovar standard for in-company trainers, following a master trainer and in-company trainer development pilot programme. This will be done in close collaboration with private sector organizations (economic chambers and industry associations) and participating individual businesses.
  7. Country-wide survey of VET institutions (public and private VET schools, and VTCs) to establish a baseline for future support measures by BMZ /GIZ and other donors;
  8. Piloting pathways for better recognition of Kosovar qualifications in Germany;

For additional information on Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education in Kosovo, please visit the national page.

For additional information on Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education in Kosovo, please visit the national page.

For VET additional information on VET, please click this link for more materials, for information on the German vocational training system please click this link.


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