Opportunity Scouting

Opportunity Scouting is an activity from which 40 young volunteers from Ferizaj have managed to expedite, discover new jobs such as and other services during ‘Opportunity Scouting’.
Before the activity of ‘Opportunity Scouting’ started, young people from Ferizaj had the chance to participate in the Career Orientation and Soft Skills training, which began on 19 June 2018.

What did they learn to do?

During the Career Orientation and Soft Skills training young people came to learn more about unpredictable career processes, success, and skills development. They also learned about the importance of detecting weak and strong points of their skills, and how to discover them (Career Guidelines).

What did they do after training?

After training youth become part of the virtual company ‘Opportunity Scouting’ for a virtual job position
with real duties and responsibilities to practice the skills acquired during the training and support of all actors in Kosovo. Youth not only had the opportunity to practice the skills acquired during the training, but they managed to create their virtual company – Ka_Pun’.

Ka_Pun’ is a virtual company formed in June 2018 by GIZ in cooperation with young people from Ferizaj.
Its objective is to research the labor market in Ferizaj, as well as training opportunities or practices in different businesses.


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