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Major challenges in the vocational education and training (VET) system of Kosovo is the lack of labour market-oriented programmes, involvement of the private sector and opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience. Curricula are very much school-driven and “practice”-parts do not introduce students to real work processes or situations. The resulting low employability of VET graduates causes frustration among students, since many do not find the kind of job they are looking for, while companies do not find the skills they need. Introducing more cooperative elements and integrating work-based learning in VET programmes is a very promising way to provide companies the skilled labour they are looking for and to help students to get the skills in demand and find a job.

However, this demands changes in the VET system. Implementing real work-based training requires from company owners and their professional staff changing their attitude towards their roles and responsibilities in the training as well as towards the students. Both companies and public authorities need to invest in educating and training young people in order to reach these changes. Those investments in work-based learning will pay off in the medium run, companies will benefit from better skilled VET students and can find future employees among them. Moreover, companies that offer work-based learning render a great service for the development of the VET system and the overall economy. This kind of engagement should be promoted and awarded to show the companies’ corporate social responsibility and to encourage more companies to offer work-based learning and get involved in a cooperative VET system. Therefore, the seal is also meant to be a visible incentive for companies to take part and accept students for work-based learning.

A promotion seal can publicly demonstrate the companies’ commitment and, at the same time, indicating alignment of these companies with certain criteria suitable to apply work-based learning. This might also encourage students and parents to gain confidence in VET and, thus, improve the overall image of VET in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and GIZ want to invite you to draft  a design for the seal (sketch) and a catchy slogan that both cover the purpose of the WBL promotion seal.


Criteria of the Promotion Seal that should express and promote a company’s social responsibility and engagement in vocational education

Companies that fulfil the following criteria shall be awarded the Work-based Learning Promotion Seal:





Information on Participation

Examples from other countries:

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