APLIKO NË SKEMËN E PRAKTIKËS NË PUNË (Afati për aplikim: 9 Korrik – 17 gusht, 2018)

Published 09 July 2018

Call for Mentors – GIZ SENECA SEDE Diaspora Mentorship Programme

Published 15 August 2018

“Empowering Youth with Down Syndrome”

On April 18, 2018, the ceremony of the project “Empowerment of Young People with Down syndrome” was completed and implemented by the “Down Syndrome Kosova” association with the support of the German International Cooperation Organization – GIZ and the Ministry of Labour and Social welfare.

On this project  30 persons were trained in 3 Training Centers professional; Prishtina, Prizren, and Mitrovica. As a result of this project, persons who have attended vocational training have already been accommodated in various private institutions for practical work.

Also, in addition to practical work, two members of Down Syndrome have been hired.